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Frage von GOGOL:

I would like to see a calculator specifically for video editing zusammenstellen.Welche parts I need for a perfect video to get computers?
(I have a cut card: Canopus DVX-1 and Pinnacle DV 500) I like working with Adobe Premiere 6.5 and would like to work so that next.


Antwort von JMitch:

Faster Processor. viiiieeeeelll RAM, fastest hard insane big .....


Antwort von thos-berlin:

More than 2 GB of Ram in XP bring nothing. Several hard disks (not partitions), I think is very helpful. It is not about the "order", but to the head movements of the hard drive. Are system and video data on a disk, it must be between the paging file and video data is always out-and herspringen. For example, when capturing is then the danger of lost images (dropped frames). In separate plates Deleted das same applies when rendering between the plate and render the video disk, but there is only a "timing problem", but in the preview for "Ruckeleien" can lead.

- A system disk with the software interface and the paging file
- A Media-/Videoplatte (actually two wg. Raid 0)
- A plate Render
- A data plate for the rest, the so-starch (graphics, etc.)

Minimum mE are separate panels for the system and the Media-/Videodaten.

The system disk can be relatively small, the video disk may not be big enough. For video not under 7200 rpm.

The graphics card is not necessarily high-end as long as you do DV. Only with PCIexpress and appropriate software (eg: Avid Liquid) takes a slightly better graphics card, since the data of the rendered graphics card synonymous to rest of the system can be returned (the somewhat elderly Beo Premiere 6.5, this will hardly be the case) . Search in the specialized forums, if your "wish Graphics" to "your" editing program fits! (Sometimes there are little "friction")


Antwort von GuitarRy:

I need you somehow contradictory. offers professional solutions as far as the computer is concerned.
which is already expensive pigs alone. The question is whether you still have all the rekoreder


Antwort von Eva Maier:

If you're with Premiere 6.5 and DV 500 Next work will need the calculator to the various hard disks do not meet specific demands. (ASUS board maybe)
The DV500 is not running anywhere, so you better s.die Pinnacle Kompatibiliitäts-do list.

/ E


Antwort von PowerMac:

Why such a miserable editing software? Recent Programs save time because they are easier to use and faster to render.


Antwort von etv:

@ PowerMac:
... because the Pinnacle DV500 unfortunately only with Premiere 6.5 works together. For this reason, I am synonymous of my last of a total of 3 of these cards this year on ebay separately * g *

Hello GOGOL,
for simple applications, the DV500 is still synonymous in any case, OK! Has a fairly good quality and with the real time saves time.

Like Eva Maier has written, this PC does not particularly "new" to be the DV500 is a s.Markt now and I think it was even the Pentium 3 Renner - BUT on the compatibility list of what Pinnacle eighth Chipsets and Features The graphics card is concerned. the graphics chip (or at least some of these skills) will be of the DV500 mitverwendet.
The tips of thos-berlin you should synonymous take to heart - these are good basic things you can do with a PC interface that should be taken.



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