Infoseite // jvc gy-hm700e or canon eos 5D?

Frage von Wallaby:

Hello my friends,

miserable after a long round and Herüberlegerei I had finally decided on a camera - my choice was the JVC GY-HM 700E.

Arguments for handling (shoulder camera, etc. were), the tapeless workflow and the Exchangeable optics. The image quality and the overall price-performance ratio convinced me - I've already had the Cam synonymous in my hand and I immediately felt comfortable with her :-)

Well - I have not bought directly, now I'm of the project situation, ready to venture forth at length the investment and now my case with the de VDSLRs gets in his way. Perhaps an EOS 5D is suitable but for me? After all, it is much cheaper and the picture quality is so good ...

Times so I list my Pros and cons: - the concepts of cameras are surely very different, I am crazy about any kind of feedback!


Shoulder + camera (I'll work more documentary - a rapid response with a Dslr is not so at all possible, right?)
+ Sound can indeed be taken away easily
+ Blödeds an argument for me personally - but of customers and protagonists will be a filmmaker but rather with such a camera taken seriously? I know professionals who make a 5D image with films that take the big shoulder-mounted camcorder yet still with so that they stand in front of the customers as professionals da * g *

- Relatively expensive
- Bulky on longer trips (Tripod, etc. then yes is synonymous huge)


+ Much more favorable
+ Very compact (I can take with me on backpacking trips synonymous - and this it is intended, among other things, use a monopod when needed, etc. ..)
+ I can use many interchangeable lenses, of which I have already synonymous which (by the photograph)
- I can shoot poorly from the hand (because one can create with a Steadicam quickly remedy - but that is again synonymous additional equipment, with the advantage that the size somehow destroys ...)
- I need to separately record the sound (the quality is important to me and as far as I know, I need an extra device ?)... Can I create as an individual (and simultaneously respond well when in front of the lens does something unexpected), or do I take more then a synonymous / n sound man / woman?

Overall, price (half the funding is already problematic) and handling (so I will go on trips as I said) already important - but my feeling tells me that VDSL is more of something for corporate videos and video clips, as for the documentary ....

For opinions and experiences, I would be very grateful!



Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Even I use the HM700, so that can work well
interesting sure the whole DSLR cameras for video recording,
only interesting if synonymous with a rig and accessories for the focus setting.
Interesting is synonymous Sony-New Release video for first impressions-the-new-Sony-NEX3-and-NEX-5 Mini-Systemkameras.html


Antwort von Bernd E.:

VDSLRs then have their strengths, if it sticks compact equipment arrives, to images with very little depth or with very little light, but as a full-fledged camcorder replacement they can be to not consider further notice - there's hitch simply too much, what use or functionality is concerned. So I would now fetch me s.deiner body of universal application HM700 and later, once again money is in cash, a Canon 550D package (or was it just then there s.aktuellen devices) as a B-Camera. So you are prepared for all eventualities.


Antwort von domain:

Follformat-VDSLRs have no future in the medium term, namely because the format from the perspective of today's lens quality and sensor is too large, apart from the fact that there has been exactly this format for movie film never anyway.
Even 10 years ago understood the professional photographer, that even for Geo-recordings no longer need medium format.
Meanwhile, 20 MPixel rich practical for all comercial purposes and create the synonymous much smaller than 24 * 36 mm systems.
The only argument for larger format is the attainable sharpness of selection in medium format and small picture. But even that is usually impractical, at least for amateurs.
Gradually we will have to come to terms with the fact that the good old KB-format will be absolutely no scale synonymous for anything more except perhaps for focal length information related to KB.


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