Infoseite // keyframes for blending modes / workaround?

Frage von rakzak:

As far as I know you can not animate the blending modes, ie do not set keyframes for it - zufäliig someone knows a workaround for this? I would like to have a smooth transition between the moths 'hard' or 'soft light' and, of course s.einem actually two layer? (use afx 6.5)

have tried to duplicate the upper layer to put on a too soft, hard, fade to the other and then with transparencies between them, but of course does not work, because the upper course of the copy underneath with blinds, and not with the third (bottom) background-layer.

someone has a tip how could it go? Perhaps in some way with untercomps?

danke schon mal, zacharias


Antwort von Jörg:

Hi, you have the solution to your own "Hartlicht gefunden.Erstelle"
-> Unterkomp now create "Weichlicht" including, for example, with the dazzle of Deckkraftregelung as desired.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von rakzak:

(sorry for the late response, was a few days offline)

yes, thank you, habs just tested, works and even looks at least as from class how shall I had imagined.

do not despair, do untercomp, I'll tattoo myself, I think on the back of the hand can be :-)

Nevertheless, I hope Animatable blendingmodes for a bright future!

grüße, zak


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