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Frage von alwin:

would need a lighting set for the 5d.
It would be best if I could use the photos and videos for light or at least the softbox to fit lamps striplights etc. s.beide would hold or not to heat from the?
've been thinking basically portable flashes to buy, but if I get along with three arris just as well and can still use this then synonymous to the film, I will save me, of course, double the purchase of expensive equipment.
Can you advise me perhaps something portable flashes, soft boxes, strip lights and the terms of fresnel lenses arri (there is this alternative at all, is really is the reference) which would be for the ultimate in flash?

gruss alwin


Antwort von B.DeKid:

You can in Flash (studio flash) synonymous put only permanent light bulb. Most have but anyway on continuous light.

To compare with the powerful light of "film lighting" is not the solution.

Also it depends on the "Cool to" Speak, db volume of these.

Portable solutions are very expensive so the Batteries, if you wish to have what little is recommended for flashing PocketWizard and to slip the big Canon flash units.

But does not compare with the performance you diie a Profoto or multi flash system brings.
What exactly with little or Sachtler Arri is comparable lamps.

So either there is virtually no and then only with restrictions.

B. DeKid


Antwort von alwin:

Thank you again for your DeKid as good advice.
Can you really evaluate your work online somewhere?

What do you think of the solution:
In the studio for Arris Stillimage and Video on Location and moment later supplemented by strong Aufsteckblitze Portys.

Softboxes etc. designed for the Arris so synonymous withstand the heat.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

A combination of studio flash units and Sachtler or Arris would be better.

Arri Softbox for Sachtler or I know not only just the way the frames are mounted in front made /.


A special website we will soon provide on____ times must have before we / I are / am always reluctant NEN Bissel.

B. DeKid


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