Infoseite // like a dvd in iDVD created on pc run it?

Frage von heinz mac:

Good day,

I'm in this area really inexperienced. Unfortunately I have no more idea how my project to succeed. Therefore my question s.Euch professionals:

I have a DVD created with iDVD. Beautiful thing. It runs not only on PC. That should be it but. The Windows Media Player but it will not.

I have two movies in iDVD as a mov. (PAL) is imported, then there is a menu designed. All very normal, nothing special.

With Toast I've tried synonymous. The effects of burned iDVD folder "Video_TS" and "AUDIO-TS" in attempting to import DVD video. Because he gives me an error message.

The best would be an outcome - that is my menu in iDVD created - what is really on all Windows Calculator running. Is this then a DVD with mpg1 shoot? Is there sowas überhaupt.

Many questions, little knowledge on my part, hopefully you can help me.

Liebe Grüße!


Antwort von likajo:

As a final product must get out with a MPEG2 bitrate to 8Mbit / s.
You must have something wrong, a DVD of iDVD likely otherwise both s.Mac, PC, DVD player as synonymous run.

What were the exact settings / how did you export?


Antwort von heinz mac:


The setting in iDVD are:

PAL, best quality, single-(SL). Can find no further adjustment.

Liebe Grüße


Antwort von likajo:

Do you have the DVD s.PC ever tested VLC?

Otherwise: iDVD actually have the movie if you have not already done anyway in the MPEG2 format changing - sometimes s.Television (DVD player) tested?


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