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Frage von patrickneedshelp:

Hello dear geeks

I have a very important question, and I hope the next who can help.
I have had with the Windows Movie Maker NEN music video with pictures and videos created for a birthday. After I was finished yesterday, then I think no film to stick NEN saved and brought its freundnin that a.) all wanted to look again and b.) they wanted to burn since I have no burner.
When she, however, the video then angeguckt has at once all the missing pictures videos songs (the place where they originally appeared in the video were mitroten X icon. Only my text I had written selsbt we could read more but are not synonymous. They said I want every single song somehow foto video link so it should be synonymous to her regardless of my laptop computer, where are all pictures, etc. in their own times was stored files can identify. ask: how does it work? am totally desperate and würd mich freuen if one can help me.
PS please explain simply gaaanz am layman

Thanks in advance schonmal


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The kind you have not saved, or what have you the output of Movie Maker?

The problem with the link actually appears in Web pages.
If files are not stored in the Project (ie a separate folder.

Sets MoviMaker any folder you like to?
I know Movie Maker is not. Erklär times what the format is what you spend it?

Or. look if there is a folder with the Dublicaten on your hard drive around haunts.



Antwort von Markus73:

Use the menu "File" -> "Save Movie File"

Otherwise you have just the project file, which is not a "film", this file contains only references to the included files and works only on your calculator.



Antwort von marcvulkan:

Thanks Mark your description I think I understand now synonymous lol
So when I now go save movie file, the locations to follow me
a.) work (which I had done so until now)
b) Dv Camera (no plan what it is)
c.) web
d.) e-amil
e.) beschreibare cd -> correct and easiest solution?
If I am not with my existing PC knowledge is correct, I can now simply take blank cd NEN (normal cd or dvd?) And the video store to say there must be no longer synonymous burn so it is ready and everyone else can then irrespective of the look of my pc. I hope it's true?
Would be nice

Again thank you!


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