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Frage von srknick:

Hi, I run multiple PC-DVR-controlled camera systems. I'm looking away now one of these to a job online look out. Smoothly as possible it should be. Is it even possible with the existing system or should I buy for a good result in completely new hardware? What wonder, however cost-ne!

Many thanks in advance
The nick


Antwort von thos-berlin:

That depends on your specific set of systems. Transfer the cameras via network or via video cable?

In the first case, one should look at the camera images directly into a browser, regardless of the DVR software on individual PCs.

In the second case it depends on the set of Überwachungs-/DVR-Software. If, on the various computers use the same software is used, there may Manufacturer of client software, which enables access to several of "Teilsystme.

If necessary. synonymous, the use of a remote desktop software to fulfill your request already.

Without further specification but which is the rate hour. It would make more sense to contact the first s.den support of the manufacturer ...


Antwort von srknick:

Thank you first for the quick response.

The cameras are connected with a coaxial cable s.den PC.

I would be interested first synonymous, bzw.Internet meet the requirements my PC must live in order to ensure a smooth transfer.

Mfg nick


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