Infoseite // mac system requirements for editing of HD video material

Frage von aj_2:

hello everybody,

I would like to see a camera, buy canon hv30. yes this is in HD quality strap-on dv.
My question is whether I use the resulting viedeomaterial with my 2x1, 8 GHz G5 computers with Final Cut Pro HD 4.5 properly (or at all) can continue to edit?

if not, I would have to buy an AVCHD camera, eg a SonyHDR-SR11 to think, then I would need a new computer anyway ...

I would be happy about speedy reply.

many grüsse


Antwort von Maverick1408:

Hi, the first problem you have in any case already with the "old" Final Cut Pro HD v4.5 version.

This is not HDV compliant.

"In April 2004, version 4.5 of Final Cut Pro was introduced, and rebranded by Apple as" Final Cut Pro HD "(even though the software has been capable of HD editing since version 3.0). Final Cut Pro HD did not support the burgeoning HDV format, however. Its "scaled-down cousin, Final Cut Express, gained support for HDV 9 months after the release of Final Cut Pro HD. Native HDV support was added later with the release of Final Cut Pro 5.0 in May 2005 ( which was first announced sa pre-NAB event in April). "


With AVCHD, it is the same picture. Only Final Cut Pro 6 or Final Cut Express 4 can ever bypass with AVCHD (or rather said that the format to convert Apple derivatives).


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