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Frage von ???:

After synchronization at the first video of a few seconds was inerhalb erleedigt. The calculation takes now the 2nd a good half-hour video
The calculation starts over again of the new. s.den expected audio tracks, along with that.
what's going on?


Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

You mean the synchronization based on the Audi mark on the multi-cam editing? I know the process of synonymous only as done within seconds to a minute. But the cause of research ... Maybe with a different reference track to try?


Antwort von nicecam:

I got my PRO X grad not even installed. But in one of the previous versions it hooked ever, as described of you - I mean, at least.

As your raw material reaches the Calculator. How do you film? Tape-based as I do?

With HDV, there are sometimes to be dropped frames. I speak of those who are already missing on the tape. It is of course synonymous with capturing that occur. I guess times into the blue, that the former are responsible for your problem.

If I remember correctly, they would have defects are first detected and where it is cut. Then you'd have to restart the automatic synchronization, or carry out separately for each object.

If that is the cause, the time savings or convenience factor is of course partly reversed.

But if you aufnimmst based memory cards, this may not even be the cause.

As I said, just a suspicion of mine.


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