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I am looking for a good and convenient carrying case for my
SonyHDR-FX1000. Unfortunately I have not yet found it. The bag of Sonyfür around 200 EUR is a little too expensive. Can anyone recommend me a carrying case (soft case)? It should not be too large, so there is no need for a lot of accessories.

Even those who a Canon XH-A! may have liked to recommend what, because the dimensions are in somewhat the same.



Antwort von nicecam:

There are indeed such solutions yourself. A tip of ruessel once was to provide a cheap, large pocket on the inside with particle board, and then bolstering the inside with foam - natural measure everything exactly.

Of ready solutions, there are a lot of bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc. Man does not see the forest for the trees!

I'm assuming you're not too complicated solution s.einer interested, as I synonymous.

Very robust, waterproof, etc. Pelicase are. As you yourself have time to google.

Here something of ruessel to Pelicase: There, scroll down pretty far.

I only have personal experience with Kata. Then you can enter in Video Camera and your navigator will find the matching bag, backpack, etc. for my XH-A1 I have the bag Kata CC-193. Because the camera adjusts except all original accessories plus 2 or 3 pure secondary battery. Even my camera ready for use with Sennheiser ME66 matches still pure, but without spider, then it would be closely involved in the Height. You too if you have a ready s.der Mattebox mounted camera, is to be the CC-193 is too small, then it would have perhaps the CC-195.

Practically it would be if you could go into a well-equipped shop to try out if you do not meet my specifications.

I do not know where you live. In the cities, the company is Calumet
Meine Tasche kaufte ich übrigens bei
dvcut. Currently, there 152,00 Euro plus shipping costs.

dvcut is synonymous here in the forum represented. The links to dvcut does not operate so far as I know. Maybe they have changed their website.


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