Infoseite // max. Length of DVD menu (Intro)

Frage von Christian:

Hi All,

I wanted to ask if there is a certain length, how long the intro of a DVD menus should be at most, before it repeats itself. If one could theoretically the entire length of a song to plan for an animated intro or a intro with Stillimage and Music, or should be better after a certain period concludes that the DVD player still gets to the series?

I work my way straight to DVD-a Author. One of my buddies said that he has not got it right, for the DVD menu on Stillimage (eg bmp) and invite to the music track. He has got it right only after a detour to convert the bmp as a video and do exactly as long, as the music he has chosen to do so. Does the author of DVD really only in this way?

Danke schon mal for the answers.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Christian,

if a (long) movie with bonus material on the DVD is to be saved is for the menu is often not much room.

I've done so far up to four minutes as a loop and the closed (with ReelDVD) are excellent. I think a longer duration is synonymous would be possible. Try it a try out and then reports to us of your findings! ;-)


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