Infoseite // microform for canon camcorders against noise band?

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First: My compliments for this forum

Hello again, I would like to buy myself a Canon camera but the sound is important to me (I have not specified) for each recording, I asked myself whether it would be possible to stop the drive noise through a small clip-on micro-to? sowas or whether it exists at all? or whether it brings what?
maybe that's synonymous a stupid question ...
Nevertheless DAnke for answers.


Antwort von Sprengepiel:

look (or rather hear) but erstmal, even if the camcorder takes up running noise. In general, the audible in very quiet environments at best, if the automatic pegel the whole hoisting. Otherwise, the solution gibts hier:


Antwort von Markus:

-> Tape running noise (and there link to more info and links)


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