Infoseite // missing MiniDV to PC sound after each scene

Frage von easternfreak:

Hello dear friends video

I have my camcorder Panasonic NV GS 500

I just try to make all of my DV tapes recorded PC

I use Magix 16 and synonymous AVCutter alternative

In both programs, it was so that if for example a scene 10 minutes and then goes a recording comes next, then in the second recording no sound is absorbed.

Yet it is apparently synonymous only so if between the scene change as an older recording comes shortly begin, because the cassette was recorded before waren.Nun I always sit there and stop after each scene and then right frame and then take next.

How can this be done, that the tone is taken as consistent.

has this ever been a phenomenon

I use win7 and do it over firewire


Antwort von 0711video:

looking times to see if your program can be adjusted according to the project settings or system settings:

time when new code, new release date, etc. then create a new file. Edius and make it synonymous premiere auto.

via firewire 1394 should happen automatically. perhaps choking your computer passages synonymous s.den first recorded, which may be other parameters in the 32khz tone, instead of 48 khz, 2 track, 4 track, etc. You have stated, when the recordings that you currently on now about it band.

in general, I would advise you cartridges to remove cleanly to the end of the beginning, because otherwise you have no synonymous continuous recording time to your problems and this may well present results.


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