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verschieben der X,Y,Z Achse (After Effects CS5)

move the X, Y, Z axis (After Effects CS5)

Frage von lasterix:
April 2011

Hey, have a question though and I have the X, Y, Z axis set in the middle because I rotors of a wind turbine will rotate but if it fits on a wing does not this look natural. And since I am total newbie, I hope you can help me (;

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Wing and head group should work

Antwort von lasterix:

've tried it, it is also not the problem is indeed the one that the wing does not rotate around the center but a wing, but I had to move s.besten the x, y, z axis

Greeting Lasterix

Antwort von B.DeKid:

May I ask in what has been created for NEM Progi the windmill?

Antwort von lasterix:

I think SketchUp but I am not sure

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Antwort von jwd96:

Maybe just move the anchor point? (I hope I understood your problem correctly)

Antwort von Mylenium:

"Lasterix" wrote:
Hey, have a question though and I need to set the X, Y, Z axis in the middle

Is not Photoshop 3D files. PS calculated the auto focus is always based on the bounding box. You could try up to move the anchor point of the controller layer that produces the AE, if the thing is even then imported into AE, but why can rumeiern's still ...


Antwort von Debonnaire:

LOL @ Mylenium: You think now, but not seriously, that the questioner synonymous only ONE syllable your high-statements really understood, if you ever look what he probably dominates any, of this matter. Namely, nothing at all ...

If you do not believe me, then you read the time this issue was originally delivered output by Thread: http://forum.slashcam.de/3d-windmuhle-aufteilen-and-die-ventilatoren-zum-drehen-bringen-vp484492.html#484492 ;-)

Antwort von lasterix:

@ Debonnaire
Sorry I'm a Nueling and am not versed with the program, I am currently doing a 3 week internship and then it's obvious that I do not speak much and I absolutely nothing wrong not as dominant synonymous.
You can also save you such a contribution.
@ Mylenium
okay if the file with a Photoshop 3D is not, maybe you have an idea as what a file I should save it so that this axis in the middle of the wing sits, or so that I can use this axis to the center.
I have already put the anchor point but it was like before because these wings are the x, y turns, z axis and not the anchor point.
@ B. DeKid
if I'm moving this axis with
@ Jwd96
as I said, I've tried the with the anchor point already but it solves the problem, unfortunately, not because the wing about the x, y axis, z position.

Greeting Lasterix

Antwort von Debonnaire:

lasterix, darling ... carefully at last that your objects are not confused and across the room, stand in the starting position, but simple, of me from 2D display, graphic elements, which you then, as of my details (So of can because I "such contributions save "!) described, and then added only animate in the 3D space! Look at last want to reinvent the wheel, do it once in a first step the way it works and has proven itself. And if you then want to try something more difficult, then you could do the whole 3D Gefunze synonymous with play yet!

You are a typical representative here knows of nothing, nothing, can the information and tools will implement partout not because he believes, nevertheless, to know better, then anfickt the helpers, if it's that gradually goofy with you will and ultimately achieved nothing ! Sorry, but this is me simply on the cookie!

So, now go and 'do's and look at the Simple and learn! THEN, and ONLY then, can you take the next step in attack! How do you learn man!

Antwort von lasterix:

You do not know yet what to do, I want the 3D file I received (the rotors) in AE to rotate and bring no2D file. Is all well and nice that you want to help me, I am grateful for synonymous, but if I am to bring 3D to turn a 2D file and not the file I have to animate the 3D element. Then I will certainly do what I got as an''order''.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

See my first answer in the input thread "Windmill"

Say you can ask for the 3D Chefe Progi and make it there or just stop you'll need 2 files

Mast and head sepperat

I unfortunately know no CS5 and me regarding 3D files in AE and PS (the new version does not yet - because I from what I have read here, no real advantage over Maxon Cinema and BodyPaint know for my work.

So I can only guess, sorry.

B. DeKid

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