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Frage von jogi:

I could use some help with the following problem:

I edit my video camcorder (Hi8) with Premiere Pro 1.5 and it would then burn to DVD. This is in Normalablauf course, no problem.
But now I know that I would hesitate from the various shooting now, pack up later individual scenes make a new movie, so to speak, way of starting a medley. The original files should I delete, because my disk space is unfortunately not sufficient. Also, I do not know yet which scenes I need it later, and therefore can not save them separately. So later I would have only the DVD's.

So how do I now burn my movies? If I'm perfectly normal as usual, I have my *. vob files. As I have previously noticed, however, it is quite expensive to them later to make workable again, because you can do is not simply imported into premiere. Of course, "expensive" is relative, but as I look after the necessary film snippets from several DVD's together has, I want a reasonably quick solution. It is simpler to SVCD, whose *. mpg can I edit files directly into Premiere again, rausschneiden my scenes and then bring them together as a new movie.
Since my movies but does not normally fit on a (SV) CD, I have to take DVDs. So ideally I would need a method to create a full length DVD to SVCD to burn - and in a way that I can be synonymous create a menu and a stand-alone player can read it. The quality I would be sufficient.

I've been looking for quite some time, but so far not found anything useful as a solution. Has someone an idea on this?

I hope I've understood words or less ...



Antwort von Markus:

"jogi" wrote: The original files should I delete, because my disk space is unfortunately not sufficient.
I would have spontaneously said, buy yourself an extra drive, external hard. But there will be equal to the next question, how many Hi8 tapes you have and how much capacity to store the DV-AVI would be needed ...?!


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