Infoseite // mpeg -> avi jerky ---- need help!

Frage von Malvin:


I tried out the different threads to be smart, but unfortunately have found nothing to my needs. there should be such a thread before: sorry for my part.

my prob:

I have some older mpg's that I want for the player (avi convert dvd playback).

Therefore, I use virtual dub. I though the bitrate properly raufsetze (~ 1000-1200), jerky, the converted avi forever (if dvd players or media player).

gibts setting any specific type?
I did not note anything?

need some help ...



Antwort von Malvin:

hmm ... something else ....
The video size is illustrated by the synonymous convert small.
around the building is at once a black edge. The media player should it autom. , cut, or am I mistaken?



Antwort von Stefan:

As it jerky?

Jerking individual areas of the image (bit rate is too low), especially jerk movements in the manner of a dancing procession (field order wrong) or increase whole picture (problems with the frame rate or with) the device?

Already tried to click the Media Player View-> Zoom-> 100%?

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Malvin:

as if there were too few frames .....
as nem game with less hardware to ..

A system problem, I precluded sufficient resources are available. If this were the case, others would jerk avi's synonymous and jog ....

it runs in between some perfect for a few seconds in between but always jerk ......

the frame rate but I'm quite normal to convert to 25 (pal) made to the.

The problem with the file size but I'm in another nem, a mpeg2.
Every time I have a mpeg2 to avi convert I just get in the middle of the monitor a little images. but it must be even s.file, the dvd player there just once ....



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