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Frage von Feuerwehr-Fan:

hello together

have worked with the Premiere 6.5 and then a video with the adobe mpeg encoder creates a.
I tried it with the DVDit to burn the whole dvd, which worked but somehow not right ...
There are some freeware program or so to the audio file and the movie file (mpeg) to make a dvd?

Thanks in advance for the best!

Greeting Fire Fan


Antwort von Stefan:

Menulos, that is pure DVD without Schnickschnakc, only with the film?

Basically, can the freeware IfoEdit or Muxman. Muxman seems somewhat promising.

However, there must be the video - and audio data as elementary streams. A file for mpeg-compressed video and a File for mpeg-compressed audio.

Some MPEG encoder can be set so that the two elementary streams are created instead of a Program Stream. If that your encoder can not, you can demux the Program Stream with just TMPGENC to Elementary streams.

Ifoedit while loading WAV files for sound synonymous, but that I could still do without a functioning DVDs.

With menus, it is with the freeware DVDAuthorGUI and with the freeware DVDStyler. With both I have not yet worked. But the year is still laaaaannnnnnggggg ;-)

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von MiXMaster:

hello stefan

Thank you for your response.
it would probably be time to try this art or DVDit try again.
had it earlier, before I had a dvdbrenner, s.meinen hdd / dvd-recorder and then burn to dvd transfer.
is probably easier for videos with no menus ...

gruss Fire Fan


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