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Frage von zlu:


wants a part of a larger mpeg file in my app-build project that is edited in 16:9. If the file but then I spend "jerky" the former part-mpeg tremendously.

I must first convert the file to avi before I can edit it in app? if so -> how? :-)

the only possibility which has worked to convert the output of the video to "Microsoft AVI" instead of "Microsfot DV AVI", but then the quality is really shit ...

I hope someone has a tip for me ...


Antwort von Stefan:

The MPEG file may have a different field order than the rest of the video material. You can all parts of the MPEG field order to turn (APP filter) or one can convert the MPEG material often shared with field order.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von zlu:

You mean the interpolating filter "Field"?
otherwise I find no filter ... - And that seems synonymous not work unfortunately :-(

that thou mayest keep the idea of the file convert to avi?


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