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Frage von calimero1978:


I have now with Ulead Video Studio 10, my first film (approx. 90 minutes) together and then cut in DVD format (mpeg, 16:9, stereo) rendered.
It was an about-5800MB large file out.
I have fun in the Project VideoStudio times converted to Dolby and again rendered (mpeg, 16:9, dolby). It was an about-4300MB large file out.
How can it be that the dolby version so much smaller? But rather should be reversed. . . (?)

Small supplementary question:
I have read that you just prefer to avi format and should not render directly into DVD format. . . could the reason be that I's still not achieved, that the finished DVD in the player after no longer than 50-60 minutes durchhält and lockup? (several attempts with different burn speed, etc.)



Antwort von AndyZZ:

Dolby, as MPEG2, a compression format. This is very effective with a very high quality compressed (always depending on the set of data). A difference of 1500 MB but it can not result. Check times the data rate of your video. This should not be higher than let's say 8500 kbit / s, so synonymous have a little space for the sound (about 224 to 384 kbit / s) remains. Your total data (video and audio) may be 9500 or 9800 kbit / S does not exceed. Otherwise, there are problems with the DVD players.
The different file sizes probably result in the set presets for output as a DVD.
I know your program, but that would be my guess.
The previous off as a DV-AVI and then encode in MPEG2 I consider superfluous, unless you have a very high external MPEG2 encoder.


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