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Frage von Alper:

Hello together I do not know him so well with pc but I wanted to play a video on my cellphone via datenkabel but I could not watch the video on my cellphone. format can not be played or something. And then I have my views which I have included a video with the mobile computer s.meinen sent and had peeped. stood that it is mpeg4. And the file that I've played on the cellphone was mpeg. what can I do now so I can pull myself viedeos aufs handy and can be synonymous watch? There is a program whereby I can convert the files somehow? would be great if someone could help me many thanks
Greeting Alper


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Test times to ensure that:



Antwort von MuFim Productions:

many thanks works without problems echt super: D


Antwort von Val:

hmmm ... I need MPEG 4
But for other start at one dme program Licene Code of me wants to


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