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Frage von funnyboy:


Now I have been looking for quite a while and found no solution.

What am I to do now.

Cut magix movie: export as a dv avi.
mpegencoder: result are two separate files (audio and video)
dvdauthoring: result is a dvd

So ... I have a mpv and a wave file. I would like it a mpeg file to make the film synonymous to play on the PC.
So mpv and wav to mpeg join!

Which program is suitable for this? or how I do this in principle without any losses?


Antwort von Gast1:

Audio - and video file the same name, type (eg Film.mpv and Film.wav) and in the same directory store. Video in Media Player open, most players synonymous then read the audio file. If your player does not do you I download the Media Player Classic.

Second option: Audio - and video stream mux multiplex /. Goes eg with TMPGEnc, File -> MPEG Tools ...

If you choose your Mpegencoder the next time instead of allowing elementary stream, select a program stream, program stream includes audio and video.


Antwort von funnyboy:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Shared directory, I had already tried .. can not be done.

But I have in my encoder setting that you have found mentioned. Is now out an mpeg. Unfortunately, I can then select only CBR but I can live with.

Again thank you!


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