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Frage von derhaxn:

hello all.

I realize that I am not the first forum with this problem, but I am yet come to a satisfactory solution None.
So, I have quite a lot of video material (; canon hf 10) in which. mts format stored on my hard drive without a camera structure - is my problem: final cut (; do not know which version by heart, but rather a new Final Cut Pro ...) and imovie can not import. So my recherche brought me toast to 10, which is indeed a very nice program and some may be synonymous, unfortunately I am still beginner and know me in the format-jungle is not too well, so

- What settings I choose in the toast results in the best video compression in order to get Final Cut Pro (; that is, what bitrate, the resolution, audio setting? What I must note sun?)
- What I have in Final Cut Pro set in the project settings - every time I think so toasted files and import into the timeline prefer, I have instead of the ton a beep beep, because the clip has still to be rendered, is that normal?

have often been synonymous of mpeg streamclipper or similar progs would be heard, which might be better suited to compress the clips, or better if it were somehow the format converting pro res 422?
ask questions about, got the mac only been 1 week and am still quite inexperienced, so maybe I can help those who


Antwort von Wechiii:

That I would be interested, however, synonymous ... Can my import of my HF 20 is not synonymous unfortunately ..


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