Infoseite // my first video - productive criticism welcome!

Frage von Ron:

Hi All,
not only in this forum, I am newly registered (and although I have read a lot), but as synonymous filmmakers an absolute greenhorn.

My first learning / test object, this music video.
It would be very nice to me (; Semi-show) My professional "film-and-cut sins."
I hope so, make a passable video in the near future be able to.

I've filmed with Panasonic NV-GS320, cut with Magix Video De Luxe 15 Pros.

Thank you for all the trouble


Antwort von Axel:

Is still considerable, similar to casually as the song. One wonders, not straight, Mr Ron, how did you do it?, And the Kadrage is (not so hot, over my head plenty of room, but cut the guitar), but what `s? One skipt not next, certainly not because of the video. You do not necessarily want to see it several times, but only if it was exciting thought, one might consider it a failure.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Song is good, what of children's songs.

Video editing is appropriate
Occurs synonymous ok

Warnbilker facility is not
Bread for the World Poster is clearly not synonymous
Globe recording would have been better (with a virtual globe, map) should be done
You still have to handle technology nen bissel're working on is too tense

All in all, for the first time but well, now I'd still get what pure movement (; for example through the field run their hands through crops in strips), or times when lying down and filmed singing of the top .... such small niceties halt.

Continued success, which already looks like the next time as'd really be even better ..... you have given trouble, so ToP next.

B. DeKid

PS: If you want to see misery, looking at you once James Nachtwey's photos s. below South Africa - Sudan .... if bread would advertise to the world with something like that then YES THEN MAYBE, would people recognize today the time for what it is - a disgrace. Their pictures are not shocking enough!


Antwort von TiMovie:

My tip would be - the melody is your pattern, playing a bit with it!
Good night!


Antwort von Ron:

Hi All,
Thanks for the criticism and suggestions! You have encouraged me.

Sincerely, Ron


Antwort von FabeX:

So when I'd close a couple of face, of the guitar and so on. make. Then you can just wonderful for instruments with tiefenunschärfe play ..


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