Infoseite // of cam to pc sony DCR-HC30E

Frage von marcello:

hello together ... my name is marcello
enthusiastically back from my vacation .... Saturday
with plenty of film material (amateur) ...
the cam _ a Sony DCR HC30E
the one who let me ausgelieen has even less idea than I do ....
if I have a "movie" rüberladen wants to do I keep receiving the error message "no cd in zielllaufwerk"
the field goal drive is synonymous in the stream is empty and not writable ...!
also, I wonder / you basically why I absolutely out of the cam must burn a CD?
So to put it short:
-what is probably the problem that despite cd set ... not "found" is?
-I can not be applied directly to my hard drive?

I thank you for every note ....
'm more of a mechanical typ .. rather vwbusforum encountered ... my true hobby ... so if I can help ....
marcello.a @
thank you thank you thank you


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"marcello" wrote: what is probably the problem ...?
Since you elegantly conceal, with the cable you connect the camcorder (but hopefully not USB?) And with which program you are dubbing on the calculator try to remain only a general reference:
1. Connect Camera and PC with Firewire/iLink/IEEE1394
2. Use for dubbing an X any video editing software (which belong to Windows XP Movie Maker for example, ranges from completely)
This is the usual way to view the data on the hard drive to get. With some discs, drivers or what ever synonymous you need is not mucking around.

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von Murmel:

hallo bernd
best thanks for your reply ...
Of course I have it with the usb port tried ....( taken from the handuch)
rüberladen I wanted it with the function to create VCD in the menu of the cam.
must, however, perhaps mention that the video material on tape and is not on a stick ....
'll try the firewire connection.
thank you ever sincerely


Antwort von Hollgo:

Good to hear that your camera a DV port (Firewire) has.
This allows you the optimum s.Bildqualität (at least in the so-called SD-sector) transferred.
Pure USB cameras usually transferred. in MPEG2 format, while the USB port s.Firewire cameras used to photograph or MPG "movies" or even to transfer to the camera as a webcam to abuse.

To import a DV-AVI, for example, the ranges included in XP Movie Maker or the freeware tool Winz DVIO (


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