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Frage von eweid:

have a very old pc with interesting software (was a measuring)
There is unfortunately only to monitor but have no connections to the former external monitor to cable and have measured the following problem:
it is only C-sync output and the usual color and 3RGB mass Eien
which is bridged it, unfortunately I can keien VGA monitor port as I tinker yes V-Sync and H Sync missing.
It is possible from the C-H-sync and V-Sync to walk and especially how it goes or what transformer synonymous with DIY instructions?
or is a transformer or cable for SCART s.fernseher possible -
turn instructions recommend or transformer.



Antwort von thos-berlin:

Then the PC is probably the right age and probably a connection to monochrome. Maybe you'll find in the bay or at flea nor a suitable monitor. It would not only today's standards of differing frequencies, but probably synonymous different level and synchronization pulses.

Perhaps there is synonymous with the same sources nor an old ISA-color graphics card. If you are lucky, you can order a current monitor bypass. If this is an old DOS-based PC is, of course, you can be unlucky and the application was developed specifically for this graphics card is programmed, general-purpose drivers because there was not really - at least not as one of today's systems it knows ....


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