Infoseite // old video tape, which format?

Frage von freche:

so first let me say daswenn the theme here reingehört not ask me to move around the 2nd ... I'm up and down through the forum but could not find the answer, but if something already exists .. I do not evil'm blonde * wink

So, I have very little old video cassettes found, only the corresponding camera does not exist anymore because they went broke at that time .... now I would like to know what camera this format still plays, or whether it was something like an adapter that gives the s.den pc you can connect (to burn), or one for the good vhsrecorder ... that would not synonymous to go yet.!

on the tape says:
1 / 4 mini 2120QIC data - 80
307.5 ft. (93.7 m)
14.700ftpi, 550 Oe

So then I am curious times whether I can help!

love grüßle

--- Note: headline of Admin amended ---


Antwort von Alan Smithee:

I do not think it will ever have a camera there. This is namely a tape from the IT area for backup copies of data.


Antwort von Maik:

This is a tape for a streamer:



Antwort von freche:

hmmm ... how very strange because I come to these cartridges, you could maybe earlier, with the old commodore 64 users?

well but I have still have old cassettes of its Kamara, I must look again and then again, the continued here ...

but thank you in advance for answering ... lol .... I am again become something smarter!



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