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Frage von Kar.El.Gott:

can be an older Fujinon Broadcast Lens (A15x8BEVM) actually on a 16:9 Cam use next?

The Lens is currently (with adapter) on a GY-DV 500th

Maybe someone knows what?


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Antwort von tv-man_sh:

Yes. But tell us again, what should they camcorder.


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

"tv-man_sh" wrote: Yes. But tell us again, what should they camcorder.

... if I even knew. Perhaps the new purchase is directed by the Lens. What you got that you have.

Without the lens, I tend to question HVR-S270E.


Antwort von tv-man_sh:

To view was "Yes" then do not fully understand;)
The HVR-S270E has 1 / 3 "CCDs. Now it is possible, 2 / 3" optics or 1 / 2 "optics using adapter to 1 / 3"-mills to force, but little sense. Moreover, such adapters are not cheap.
The of you mentioned Fujinon Optics is also synonymous yes hitverdächtig not so special;)
Since I do not know what packages Sonyanbietet, you are sure that the HVR-S270E without synonymous Optics is available?


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