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Frage von Babaluba:

Hi Leutz!

Hab da mal ne particular question. In our company we are supposed to accompany an event, with live cameras and if possible synonymous with live graphics.
That is, we have concerns a video mixer, s.dem all cameras and, two, three laptops, the graphics and zuspielen something.

Ie I want to test me, what's going like that, we unfortunately have only limited budget. I think I have 3 Angehensweisen.

I build the graphics with a green screen background and then with the green Keye out the mixer and keyer then put the graphics on the screen life. I think downside is that I can not build a transparent or geblurrte graphics. So rather Vector Style

Second option, I build the graphics for mats and have to see if I can turn on the mats with the GFX sync clips to send the same through the mixer to the mat where it generates an alpha channel for the graphics.
Here's my question ... There goes, anyway?

Last chance, which I prefer ... I hunt the same graphics with alpha channel out and can use these synonymous onAir ...
Respectively. send the live image with a calculator and put the images there with a kind of video-mixing software with same alpha channel on the live image and then to send the projector ...

I wanted to beg you to Tips and opportunities. I know I only know very limited and synonymous with video mixers from any software, with which I can use as an alpha channel live.
Or is it all just damned expensive? Of course we have no VIZ ...
Until now I have with ProVideoPlayer (worked PVP) on Mac to halt ein Bissl clips, etc. .. Dazzle so would send the pictures with the green screen background synonymous to the video mixer. Are there similar or better software? What?


Antwort von newsart:


you do not do it simply too complicated. If you would with a mixer in accordance with professional (eg Sony Anycast smallest solution) are working, processing your images with alpha channel that completely unproblematic. Because with a software solution you have the problem that there always are, and computing this delay is extremely annoying if you live and as a speaker at the same time synonymous still see on the full size. To that extent, you need a solution (with scan converter), which produces little or no delays.

Want to rent the equipment. If you need help here (come on it s.wo the event), we can help you. We do something like that constantly.



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