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Frage von coder90:


I already tried the whole time with a video pinnacle cutting.
I need to mpeg files. if I make the pinnacle hangs immediately. what could be the reason ..?


Antwort von Vitrend:

This is dadran that Pinnacle, if two formats are mixed, one (in this instance it is the MPEG-file) must be converted. Since the studio is not the most stable, it can not cope
I can suggest you the MPEG file in a new project to load, and then on the timeline to Zeihen, and then render as an AVI. Then you can use the file to another project and more. Should studio synonymous with the pilot to crash, the file in a separate project to import, then it's the one, while synonymous s.der file itself. Dateio attempt to play, and completely through to (quiet synonymous in the fast-passing) should fail, it is the easiest solution is to re-file the notice. (if possible).
If this is not possible, you should try the file in another program interface to load. eg Virtual Dub. This is free, and usually pretty good with files and formats cope, synonymous if they are damaged. In virtual dub, you should file it as an AVI, and then try it again in the studio to import.


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