Infoseite // possible transfer video files to external hard drive with no pc?

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I would like a sony hdr-sr12 and this will soon take on a long journey to film on which I would very much and save the files in between synonymous again and again. (For safety only because ... camera breaks, is stolen, etc. .-- all video files away ...).
I would still like to leave my laptop at home, so the question: is it possible to transfer video files of the cam directly to an external hard drive?

heartfelt thanks for reply!


Antwort von deti:

There's a myriad of devices that can:

You should just see if the boxes "USB-OTG can copy & verify" or are intentionally made for your camcorder. Here's an example: C3% B6r_PM & hash = item3a541e9f12



Antwort von anahita:

thank you!


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