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Frage von filipfug:


wanted to ask if I can help one.
I have a normal tv via svideo cable with my Graphic card (connected with asus ati x1600 Vivio cable whip). Unfortunately, I can with the supplied drivers use the ati tv just like a normal pc Montor.

can somehow bring premiere pro to the TV set right by ordinary copiers pal signal. (with extra software, oä?)

danbar for each ratschlag,


Antwort von PowerMac:

Read the manual or believe me. Click on the arrow in the top right of viewer. -> Play Settings -> External Video Display -> your second monitor as a data set handled Television.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Phil,

because you are so beautiful 'written reference monitor "in the title line, I once put the question, what is the bent of the graphics card issue? ;-)



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