Infoseite // problem in audio mixer in Studio 11 Ultimate

Frage von JetSetStar:

hallo zusammen
maybe someone knows Rat, if I a cd of music dan restore the controller does not really have the music dropouts and the controller does not respond properly to the integrated soundtracks, there are no problems and the patch 11.1 is synonymous drauf, thank you


Antwort von kowi:

It is advisable for Pinnacle Studio does not directly track CD of yourself, but of the CD as wav or mp3 to rip and then on the album insert.
Perhaps the problem is then gone.


Antwort von JetSetStar:

danke für den tipp
I have tried the ton of Timlin to regulate that is so synonymous and because it works, strange


Antwort von Markus:

"kowi" wrote: ... but of the CD as wav or mp3 to rip and then on the album insert.
With the uncompressed WAV behaves much more problematic than the compressed MP3. If it is stuck in the sound, that is synonymous times to remember and possibly try it with WAV.


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