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Frage von hanzwurschd:

have a problem, I have bought me a XL1S a short film. The problem I have now is that the image in 4:3 mode synonymous flickering streak above and below show. In the 16:9 mode is the most normal, therefore, what I have read. First I thought it is s.der fullscreen mode, but it is synonymous in the "normal adjustment" so ....
it may be due to APP that I did wrong? if so, what should I adjust the image so that it displays properly?
I would like to 16:9 have s.ende, just bothers me that you're not the complete record in the viewfinder sees, we see it directly s.der camera.
so I changed it with dne guidelines probiert but I have this problem with 4:3. I know the upper edge can be cut away but the s.der page and not make the easy faxing synonymous.
s.ehesten what interested me is simply whether the flickering lines above and below normal.
furthermore I do not know how to get circumcised with the 4:3 nacher bypasses. 16:9 s.ende is simply "small" or is there still the whole s.ende opportunities to enlarge and in how far the building will suffer less. should look good on canvas ....

I thank you ever been in advance all the help I can and try it.


Antwort von robbie:

Please inform about the overscan and Titlesafe area. That is for the design of video material.

The picture of you mentioned errors are only on the PC, but not on a TV visible.


Antwort von hanzwurschd:

yeah man,
big thanks for the quick response!


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