Infoseite // problems exporting of clips with Adobe Premiere Elements 7

Frage von vega:

I have a problem:
I've bought the Panasonic HDC SD9 and to the Adobe Premiere Elements 7 program.
general cut in working with the program I have no problems because I previously had 5.6 adobe premiere. But I get my clips do not export properly.
of a colleague of my exported it as "audio interchange file format" and then has in effect a. mpeg video file but when I do that is exported only the sound with me.
can not synonymous hook Export video "set at.
I changed it all possible settings and s.den'm stumped really slow and totally annoyed.
please help.


Antwort von pewi:

I do not understand what you want to export.
Typically you would go to the tab DISTRIBUTION; selected (for example) PC, then (for example) and WMV preferences:


Antwort von vega:

thank you. I wanted habs previously made other then file-> export-> settings, the film and not be so like me.
but many thanks. looks like it would work now


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