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Frage von unodostres:


I need a new camera because the last one has broken. Did quite a while with a normal gefillmt HV30. However, I had the handling telweise but very disturbed.
For these and other reasons, I would like to advance into the semi-Prof-class. The JVC GY-HM100E is relatively cheap and has the advantage on the memory cards will be added instead of on tape.
And also still in FullHD.

What I want to do with it:
Specifically, there are small movies are the product, as partially shown at fairs, often synonymous want in HD. Furthermore, the educational films on DVD and later synonymous issued on BluRay.
Cutting is in Adobe Premiere CS4.

Can anyone say what the camcorder. So someone has had experience?

Link to Cam:
<A href = ""></a>


Antwort von Charlinsky:

Although I have only the HM 700 of JVC, but think this is the basis of the 100 identical. I also cut so that 'even `CS4 on PP.
If you choose Move the QT format, you will need for the PP Perian XDCAM encoder, so you can import the files immediately, without any problems, if you take HQ. With the SQ you have no luck with it - is not imported, at least not in the format 720p/50fps.
If you choose mpeg, everything is imported, but you have massive sound interference on it, at least was, or is it for me so with 720p50fps. The O - knotless film is, of course - synonymous s.Calculator in the preview. After the import, then does this Effect, Adobe Support came with it as clear and not used to speaking out on Perian.
Well, otherwise I can - at least the 700 - only say:
Affengeil Cam with a top quality and handling of produce 1a - but: The Model is based FCS - mine is already underway.
But is cool ne Cam - synonymous the 100.



Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


So I have worked with both cams in my tutorials and they are both good for their purpose.
Lately I've used the HM100 on a trip three weeks and was very pleased. I am always inspired buttons instead of menu items. The Steadyshot is very good. And as for the Connections what I need is tuned including professional audio.

My tip, a class action.




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