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Frage von slehmann:

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and I would like once s.euch contact with a question:

I buy at the moment the possibility of following Camera for the price of 600.00 euros including mentioned accessories:

- JVC KY-19 with MiniDV Andockrekorder
- Fujinon Lens
- Stereo Microphone
- Viewfinder
- Tripod Plate
- Carrying case
- JVC network-and battery charger
- 3x Battery (; used)

I already had the opportunity to shoot with the camera too. Here are my following "features" noticed:

- Automatic function generally overexposed and grainy
- Servo Zoom does not respond (sometimes, manually pushing the zoom ring usually helps)

The camera is for news and post-shoot and the production of corporate films are used.

What do you think? Is not that ok now right? What should I consider? Were there alternatives?

I look forward to your answers! Even now, many, many thanks!


Antwort von slehmann:

Can anyone help me? I would be really very glad about your answer!


Antwort von K.-D. Schmidt:

The KY-19, a camera from the time of SVHS recordings and has had most of the time you a SVHS Andockrekorder. Even with a miniDV recorder is obsolete. It should not in Comparison to today's cameras, despite larger chips be as bright. For 600 euros you get so already devices in the HDV - / AVCHD class. The information included in this price range, although linked synonymous with some drawbacks, but still better than the KY-19. The likely synonymous with Dockrekorder weigh a lot.

If it's important to a shoulder-mounted camera, rather trying to get a second hand JVC GY-DV5000 to. But it must be synonymous with messages not shoot camera to be a shoulder. Today we again see a reporter, with a handheld camera to shoot (Henkelmann of Canon, Panasonic Sonyoder).

If it's optics to Exchangeable arrives, you obviously need a bit deeper reach into his pocket. Either, as already mentioned, of JVC GY-DV5000 or HDV area then SonyZ7, S270 or Panasonic and JVC of the great.

As I said: KY-19 is already a kameramäßig Dino.



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