Infoseite // quicktime reference file in 16:9 rinse

Frage von the_count:

hey enjoyed.

I was happy to quicktime 16:9 references in order to play my material before mpeg convert in full and proper aspect superb viewing. in quicktime, I find the attitude is not, is s.pc and quark demenstprechend time effect is not. except quicktime player and ask me any software player if I bissl Deppert him when I'm quicktime reference to the brain raises.



Antwort von Axel:

A reference movie is not "independent" (I think English is. "Self-contained") film, but only one register, which on the hard drive scattered original footage clips be approached. Are these in an anamorphic format, it can be that stupid QT Player does not play correctly. The reference movie is usually played by the editing program, from which it was exported (FC?), Usually in full bloom. "


Antwort von PowerMac:

Movie Properties -> Video Track -> Visual Settings


Antwort von the_count:

powermac thx!

is beautiful now.



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