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Frage von bboygast:


If I export to DV resolution origanler a sequence start, and would like to create my video in good quality so, then the file in the exact same resolution export, of course, I get good quality synonymous with sharp instruments etc. ...

sequence, but if I want to export to 640x480 or even 320x240 for the web is the quality of the title ... Of course poor (they are blurred)

that is really logical ... but I've found that if I have a video with a 640x480 sequence BEGINS, and accordingly, the title synonymous rendered in 640x480, then export the sequence synonymous selbne format (640x480), are the title sharper *!
* (sharper than if I had created in dv resolution-and then exported to 640x480) would


Because one wants to be in the best video quality build to show it as synonymous to the super dvd player to be able to. And then you want but synonymous in the best possible quality in the internet place (with less memory size)

trying out the different views: created in the dv-resolution a great tune, and exported it as a 320x240 file wma.
Then create it a sequence in 320x240 and 320x240 are also exported to ... then it is much sharper (for me at least)

is there any solution for? ALWAYS EDITT in the greatest resolution to, and then no preference which size best export (for a given size optimally) to??

PS: how is actually the exact number of pixels in 16:9 dv-optimal resolution?

And thank you all the best


Antwort von Wiro:

I do not need the first try.

Export your computer for the Internet - video (720x576 non-square) as a 384x288 square deinterlaced with 768 kb / s. You'll be pleased. Thousands of Web videos that are created daily.
Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Markus:

"bboygast" wrote: PS: how is actually the exact number of pixels in 16:9 dv-optimal resolution?

an answer to this question, you'll find in my posting
16:9 Recording with DVCPro ...

More information about this topic:
" Pixel Aspect Ratio vs. video. Computer
" 4:3 or 5:4


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