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Frage von videocutter:

hello I would like to know whether it is in studio 9, an effect that can reverse the clips show, or is there any program that create this effect kann.danke


Antwort von Acer:

no, Studio 9 can not do it, but the upgrade version 10plus (cost ¬ 40-50). There are several more features in the 10s version than in the 9s. For the 9 version, there are individual packages (I think for 19.99 ¬ each) with multiple effects as an extension, and this reverse effect is synonymous here. It says: "DziedzicPacks 1" and contains: Reverse Effect, Flip / Mirror, Negative, colors, and kaleidoscope-effect, so it is certainly at Pinnacle.




Antwort von sigrid:


run a clip backwards, I use the "Video Tool Box 1.10. Works wonderfully.
Are you looking for something like that?



Antwort von videocutter:

schonmal thank you for your reply, ichs chau me according to your views and solutions in order to sign up then again.


Antwort von nJoy video:


Download your views here

REVERSE the file.
in the reconstituted in the ZIP archive. txt instructions you will learn how to do it.

Attention: The effect only works s.version 9.08.4
If you have a version of which, the latest version for free here dowloader: Video / Studio + Family / Studio + version +9 + Support / Software + and + Driver + Updates / Studio + version +9 / Studio +9 _4_3 + Patch +% 28VOLLVERSION% 29.htm? Mode = documents & Display = 1

or Video / Studio + Family / Studio + version +9 + Support / Software + and + Driver + Updates / Studio + version +9 / Moviebox Deluxe + + Patch.htm mode = documents


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