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zweiter LCD-Monitor mit Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0?

second LCD monitor with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0?

Frage von Eisbär:
August 2006


I would like to make the cut work more comfortably, as I would like to use a second LCD monitor. Recently had my CRT tube to a 19 inch 16:10 widescreen LCD of Acer s.Platz exchanged and the gain on the desktop to the highest resolution (1440x900) was overwhelming, but it is partly still quite bulky which makes working with As the media folder, or the display in the preview screen or with the timeline (if multiple tracks are used). Now the same screen below of the 200 euro mark, and would be happy to buy it again.

I know not whether the software supports it. One can go beyond the camcorder to the TV, but that is not even thought of, because my TV in the living room and the PC in another room.

Nor do I know if the monitor requires a special connection because of my PC Interface s.den nothing is free, what might look like monitor connection. The Acer 1916 WAS does not have a DV-I, which has only the standard (VGA?) Connection.

So how do I still get the benefit of two identical screens. The graphics card supports it, since I have already looked after, but what would Connections can be considered?

Would be nice if you could help me a little on the jumps.

Thank you
Ciao Polar Bear

Antwort von Yllon:

Hi Polar Bear,

anticipated before: the whole of your software should be relatively no preference. I have Windows also with 2 monitors in operation. Just below the premiere is wonderful, as a result I then reaches a Resolutionvon 2560x960. About the camcorder to the TV you can still synonymous, is indeed possible synonymous as a preview interesting.

Now for the connection: If no other s.Deinem Calculator VGA port is unavailable (absolute rule), then there are different ways. You write that you have already learned that you can control graphics card 2 monitors. In this case, you probably need a special Y-cable, which accounts for 1 port (mW for only if it has a DVI connector) halt 2nd Actually, this should be synonymous in the manual of the card.

If the contrary of your opinion after all does not work, you need a graphics card, which is equal to 2 VGA Connections will bring along. Which there is not exactly like sand s.Meer, but with a little patience you will find such a card. Eg I have a Matrox G450, which is indeed of the 3D performance of today the last cough, but since I have never been playing, I am totally no preference. On the other Page is a synonymous still very good 2D performance and the Matrox typical high signal quality.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your important jetztige Map: Add to existing AGP graphics card with a second PCI port. Windows XP supports such a thing.

Good luck - Regards, Chris

Antwort von Eisbär:

Hello Chris,

thanks for the help, erstmal.

A new graphics card I would not buy me eigenltich, I make it rather depends on which monitor with the existing graphics card in question is (because of the Acer 1916 WAS indeed has only VGA Male).

Here times a Picture of the graphics card with the connectors:

zum Bild

The large, white port is currently occupied. The blue is still available and I believe it is this is a DV-I connection, right?

Then I would choose me that is a different monitor, but that's probably the smallest problem. Since there is still a cheap of Fujitsu-Siemens, and who would be synonymous DV-I.

Mal ne more question, though it now still makes little sense: will Resolutiondargestellt per monitor the maximum and the present graphics card capable of 1440x900 pixel or two times will be distributed this Resolutionauf the two monitors?

Polar Bear

Antwort von Yllon:

Hi Polar Bear,

ATI should really help when you have two monitors (consult, as I said Manual), then you probably need is a adapter of DV-I to VGA. I once briefly googling: http://www.mercateo.com/p/337-12 (2e) 03 (2e) 3105/DVI_VGA_Adapter_DVI_ST_HD15_BU.html

One thing I still do not quite understand: You say the broad white times occupied at the time? "But this is the DVI-Male! The blue is the VGA. But you say that your Acer monitor has no DVI connector. Have you confused or perhaps you work with an adapter?

It would have definitely been better alone optical, 2x have the same monitor on the desk. Moreover, it is then synonymous much easier to adapt from her picture together.

What can go ResolutionDu, in turn, depends of your graphics card from. This requires an appropriately powerful RAMDAC. Ideally, it has a "real" dual-monitor solution via a second anyway. The monitors "share", however, not the resolution, but then everyone has "his own" normal resolution. The resulting 2560x960, of which I wrote above, are therefore 1280x960 each on two monitors.

The easiest way would you write me the model name of your graphics card. I then look for you once (in the manual that if you can download it from ATI), is perhaps easier.

Regards - Chris

Antwort von ingenuity:

Setting my window looks like've got a medion flat screen connected (s.blauen). should be setting, according to a second display window still support it? so if I had a second flat panel display (with blue connection), it would s.besten then, when I put a Y-plug those afraid of? as it is called in the "technical jargon"?
mfg Ingenuity
ps: got next to the blue plug for the monitor or a round plug color, yellow. what is the good?

Antwort von Yllon:

Hello ingenuity,

the yellow time is a composite video -/TV- times out. Whether you can connect a second monitor, you should refer to the manual of your graphics card can. When off s.Slotblech only a single (usually blue) VGA port is, it will probably not work. If you join there is a Y-cable, you get the same picture twice. That will not help you.

So: Manual Download and consult extensively. There would have to be synonymous, as you - if possible - need to connect the second monitor.

Regards - Chris

Antwort von ingenuity:

Thank you.
So with the yellow I could reproduce the picture on a tv s.monitor, provided I had the correct cable?

page 9 ..
very confusing.
I really should have two connections. ingenuity but has only one plus the s-video output ... this is because the map that I had not purchased separately? or ehm .. yes? hehe

Antwort von Eisbär:

Hi Chris,

Manual unfortunately I have none, the only thing I have available is the user manual from the PC and there is nothing essential about dual monitors in there, gehts mainly because the configuration for reception of DVB-T. Nor can find out about the built-in graphics card.

And go sorry for the misunderstanding, yes, I use the moment an adapter, and with this, as I said, on the white DV-I connection. As I have probably slightly confused!

Please do not will now be understood as advertising, but if you and I ultimately help, this time the sheet from the monitor


Weiss is now synonymous but not really why I have been an adapter at jetztigen Monitor with DV-I.

'm Going to see if I have a manual for my graphics card can be found. Radeo model is ATI X1300 with 256 MB

In the Control Center can be set up for this graphics card is definitely time to see that one) with a wizard (Wizard of the dual-monitor operation. The help file is, unfortunately, in English and as hard as I am not master this language. Join me now erstmal in search of a German-language instructions.

Polar Bear

Antwort von Yllon:

Hi Polar Bear,

schonmal it sounds good. Then yes you can even without an additional adapter to connect the secondary monitor. The adapter is now probably because it, because the DV-I connection is that for the primary monitor.

Simple Tip: Lend it to you at any time acquaintances for 5 minutes an x-arbitrary Monitor (Of course, a normal CRT monitor to be synonymous). Simply dranstecken times and watch. If it's like to buy: Second.

Have fun! Regards - Chris

Antwort von Eisbär:


I wanted to again thank the participants here. Have connected the second monitor and everything works fine and I'm really impressed of such clarity (on my desk now, but unfortunately less;))

Test, I have moved the window in Adobe Premiere Elements on the second monitor and I'm sure that I will make the cut and edit the videos so even more fun now only remains the question as I s.geschicktesten Arrange, ie which window I want to have on which monitor. Determined more or less depending on the type of is how it is used for cutting.

Perhaps there will still add a micro-tube TV, so I can then there are the previews. The great timeline and the media library I like super.

Thank you
Ciao Polar Bear

Antwort von FritzK:

Hi Chris. I think your advice is right for me. Have a 19 "with
two connectors, VGA and VDI. My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce
FX 5200th Has synonymous both unions. And I will now premiere with EDIUS
Of Canopus work. I wanted to possibly einen2. 19 "(ACER), or a
Buy a 24 "(ACER 2423). What should I do?" I'm grateful for good advice
MfG Fritzke

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