Infoseite // short-film "Give me your hand"

Frage von lxRox:
September 2006

hello dear slashcam,


you can watch my film from 2006 Review and screen talent.
in which competition had within 48 hours of the film kompletet be realized, including script, according to a specified topic.

I would now like to receive constructive criticism of you, and possibly one or the other point?

we must stick together ;-)

I know that this is not a winner film, but since so many other bescheissen, and I do not want to do that, would nevertheless come forward a bit, I need your help.

you can the criticism (or praise) reinschreiben here, but better yet right in the forum by the film contest,



Antwort von steveb:

I make time to get started:


good mood, colors, lighting, set well
Music and Sound mood are also well chosen
I like well-cut synonymous

dialogues are a little thin (maybe better again dub)
Actors sometimes appear a bit amateurish
The plot of the film is not quite understandable.
I would have reduced the initial investment and something a little more time for an improved tension.

The following questions remain open:
Why did you do it? What has he actually done? What is your story?


Antwort von Lucky_Lucky:

So I find the movie great! only the dialogues come a over artificial bissl! but otherwise .. geil!


Antwort von Axel:

Clasp me in the positive criticism.
There's no negative points for the dialogue, but for the actors, or that the Directing has not been working intensively with them. The dialogue would have worked better without the space ton Hall. At first the conversation by whispering had been intense. At the end she had to scream to her "I hate men ..." in the broad Schwytzerdütsch is much too complacent. ? Resyncing


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