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kleine kamera mit 2/3

small camera with 2 / 3 "sensor

Frage von dash snow:
Dezember 2009


I am looking for the smallest possible camera with the largest possible sensor. Minimum 2 / 3 "
bilingualism is no preference to me! may be synonymous SW.

All should be affordable s.besten synonymous. somebody has an idea?
s.besten something old, but then come to me only huge cameras.

I need the scanner for an entire Eigenbau 16mm film. I want to run the film directly over the sensor.
The scanner is required to simultaneously projecting at a 16mm projection, the same digital film. he must therefore defending himself, he is projected to be scanned.

am grateful for every tip.

Antwort von domain:

"dash snow" wrote:

... I want to run the film directly over the sensor. So while he has .. he is projected to be scanned.

Small cameras with relatively large sensors, there are now enough already. Just the Four Thirds sensors are larger than 2 / 3 "
But what do you usually write, I am not quite clear. Film projectors with their Dreiflügelblende are taking to beat two of them even during the projection in the Picture without modification times anyway not well suited, not to mention that without compulsion synchronization between the projector and camera already poorly functioning.

Antwort von dash snow:


I do not want to use the projected image, but let the film run directly by the sensor. strobe will then ersezen the circulating blende. I hinnbekomme the with the syncronisation is not so clear. I will, I believe the film with the stroboskob syncroniesiren syncronize and then by hand with the camera.

There is an example for a cheap Four Thirds camera? (s.liebsten without Objetiv) sowas there when uberwachungskameras yes, because I have unfortunately found only small sensors.



Antwort von domain:

The whole project I think is quite unrealistic. In the film itself, there are two states in the projection. On the one hand, he runs evenly over the various gears, but in the picture stage itself, he will remain so for each 1 / 24 sec is possible. The correction is made on film with room to pulsation of loops, which one can clearly observe synonymous.
So at what point the film senzors want it? In the continuous part of the river is difficult because the exposure time would be extremely short and shall also be the right time to ignite the flash to 100% would.
Otherwise, the sampling should be carried out directly on the image stage in front of or behind the picture window. It would be very difficult there, fine mechanical accommodate synonymous another sensor along with imaging equipment.
Apart from that, the sensor would continuously collect dust and also: do you want to really expand it for a camera? He is usually mounted on a larger board and difficult to detach and separate wire to.
The best you forget about the whole project, not realizing it almost.

Antwort von phil403:

Not to mention what domain said.
If you just described as an image sensor, and have a strobe light, then the whole is not blurred?


On the one hand, he runs evenly over the various gears, but in the picture stage itself, he will remain so for each 1 / 24 sec are

Then the standing still works with modern electronical film projectors in the movies, or if not quite so modern with a so-called Maltese cross. (http://www.pinguin-inside.de/kinotechnik/malteserkreuz_zeichnung.JPG)

I join domain. It will be quite expensive to build this, and if you do not intend to scan 16mm commercially, I recommend a copy center. The synonymous have a 16mm scanner. (At the very least that I know)

Should you really build the thing, however, and it works. Please post it. That would interest me very much.


Antwort von domain:

Whether moved on with grippers, Maltese Cross or stepper motors, the fact still remains that the film image stands still for a certain time window in the film that takes place alongside the other, but still a most synonymous continuous movement of the film must, especially for pickup.
As always synonymous, it would have a decision to be taken, where the sensor is placed where it would act in the intermittent part even better and easier to use.
But as I said, an almost hopeless Project.

Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

Perhaps scan gibts still a possibility nen film, without stopping.

For extreme high-speed film cameras (Stalex, Fastax, Hycam ...) there is indeed synonymous not restricted grabs, but the film runs through continuously. Here we used a rotating prism which is synchronized with the camera's motor ... the film is less "line by line to light.

Perhaps one could construct, based on this fact, a contrario synonymous a scanner.

markus ... :-)

Antwort von domain:

True, this method has there been so even in the most primitive section monitors in the amateur level for 8-mm films.
The film ran continuously through the rotating prism and showed about actually frames in their sequence.
But the question is, what 16-mm projector dash-snow is available, probably a grippers with mechanically controlled via a two-dimensional cam and with a useless 3-wing panel.

Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

He might even buy so nen old cut monitor with rotation prism, and then just filming the TV screen with ner ordinary video camera.

Could only be in circumstances that then some "flickering". Should we try.

markus ...

Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

or even easier:

Buy nothing, and simply filming the original projection of his 16mm projector. Then isses even simultaneously for projection.

markus ...

Antwort von domain:

The filming of a 24-FPS-projection of the screen supposedly works well only when amateurs. You may be many dark phases inside the cinema screen and also usually still with a phase shift that occurs every time, as no complete synchronization between the projector and video camera, and particularly in its CMOS sensors with RS-effects.
However, there should be some quality skipping for pirated copies, which were filmed in the movies directly.
Clearly something you always look so bad and it must not be synonymous with low standards look like. But a high-quality scan with the best Extenders can only be carried out as single.
But I think even that is synonymous SUCCESS this very quickly if those conditions are satisfied.

Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

Hmm ..

ner and in camera with Clear Scan?

Respectively. Could only go so synonymous ne small industrial camera that takes one reflecting out of film cameras. Since the film's running synonymous with 24FPS, and guggn the Regiessuer kanns flicker on his PAL monitor.

markus ... :-)

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