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kleine Monitorlautsprecher für Schnittplatz und Gasthaus

small speaker monitor editing suite and guest house

Frage von Dr. Walter Gesierich:
April 2010

Hello Kolleechen,
I am looking for passive monitor speakers, overall measure per speaker max. 30 cm high, 20 cm wide, 26 cm deep. Quality as good as possible in size.
Explanation: I am in the audio-video club Schlaule, but just have zero experience with small monitor speakers. For large projection room is all there, for example, projections in smaller inns in clubs, there is a homemade old trunk with a small amp and 2 boxes of ancient Grundig, in precisely the above size.
To improve the sound for this opportunity to 2 new boxes are purchased, which will ideally provide synonymous still our boss as monitor speakers on the desk, because the poor guy doing the sound editing with the tiny speakers of a small flat screen TV.
Have you as a good tip?
It greets you Walter

Antwort von Alf_300:


Antwort von Kino:

"Dr. Walter Gesierich" wrote:
... I am looking for passive monitor speakers, ...

I use ushttp://www.amazon.de/JBL-Control-Lautsprecher-Paar-schwarz/dp/B00065GMFG, in my opinion a very good price-performance ratio. Since you can not lie down for a couple extra synonymous.

Antwort von robbie:

which argues against active boxes of Thomann. The quality is great, and it saves to an amplifier;)

Antwort von Kino:

Nothing, I've merely reduced to Walter's request.

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Thanks for your tips up here.
Passive Speaker's because a super small MONACOR amplifier already exists, and synonymous actually handling the inn is so much better (no additional power cable to the speakers, volume knob for readjusting directly s.Projektionsplatz).
The small JBL One I've actually been synonymous views and heard. Sound but very flat, no bass (clear: small) but otherwise synonymous mau in the resolution right. Is there anyone of you standing around what better?
The offer of Thomann is listed quite nice and clear, but I would gladly enter your own experience of this because I know that has to be the best-seller is not the best Klinger.
Grüßle of your audio freak Walter

Antwort von hofnarr:

I have on several multimedia work stations, tannoy reveal Nearfield installed the previous series. which are very decent, but not quite fit in the given mass-Installation. But if the space is so scarce in fact, can a such a "cramped" monitor its qualities in any case not be fully exploited.

in such a situation is likely confined recessed a few jbl control one may be sufficient.

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Oops, there I have expressed myself wrong: there is a transport case that will fit inside the in. Therefore, the maximum level, so that one does not need a new suitcase. Situated they are already classic "normal".
Yes Tannoy is familiar to me as a luxury brand in the interception, but I fear that the building does not make as small monitor, each 30 cm high, 20 cm wide, 26 cm deep. Must I reinbuddeln probably times when the Tannoy website.
I have - as a musician - for me a small speaker Prospektle the company lying DAS. Since there was indeed a small passive speakers with a 5.25 "woofer, which is below the listed dimensions. He comes from the so-called" Factor "series. As I now but on the homepage of THE'm gone (Spanish company), as appears no longer line on these speakers. Blöd. I also knew then yes still do not know how the thing sounds ...
I'm So next openly for good tips.
Greetings again of Walter

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I think of nothing but the JBL correct monitor speakers. For your projects are really midfield monitors the right, as good catch but at four-digit.

Turn right monitor speakers (near fields) are designed for close and sit in a certain angle before. But if he has been working with the monitor integrated speakers, he will not do .-

Therefore, I would say you purchase a "normal" speakers, which you so and use them as can, but do not monitor characteristics. When are intended to be passive is the question: How many watts are your amplifier per channel and how many ohms in each case? What is your budget? What expectations you let s.die Box? (To many it is even no preference, if the box crack "" and scratches "" if too loud ;-))

So a few more details would be helpful.

Will you stay with a professional solution, then take the passive amplifiers, buy yourself a relatively cheap boxes to sufficient. Buy and active monitor speakers for monitoring.


Antwort von MK:

Of the JBL Control Now there are different versions, some are good to do only the Pro versions that are more optimized for other loud JBL stereo (which in this case means that more one tries to crossover Billigverstärker help something on the jumps), which in has led to me that one of the Control 1 Pro tools for example listening to the barely audible either 1G or totally exaggerated to play.

The best way to drive yourself NEN Laden and the demo product refresh the mostly eh this is all subjective, synonymous people are the 10, - EUR a bombastic sound boxes attest.

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

So a few more details.
This video club at present has 45 watts Verstärkerle MONACOR-see 4 ohms. price for the speakers does not play a decisive role, beautiful rich if it were 200 to 250 euros per box would therefore not four digits.
The claims of the other in the club and often synonymous of viewers in small groups are surprisingly modest, None of which has a really good sound system to private. Murderer's cameras, but 3 people with SONY Z-5, Tripods at its best, light without end, but I'm the only one audio output (of 48 members), the right decent stuff. Is because I am a hobby musician.
And I will help the club as just something on the jumps. Unfortunately, I have an audio output for 10 years with safe hands properly violent stuff, and in the small class of no more idea.
That is why I stand here asking around ...
Dankschön Meanwhile, says Walter

Antwort von derpianoman:

"Dr. Walter Gesierich" wrote:
... I have - as a musician - for me a small speaker Prospektle DAS lying around ... I also knew then yes still do not know how the thing sounds ...

Hi Walter,
I use since 1998, active DAS boxes for my live sound reinforcement. With the sound I am very happy - and since a few weeks, where a PA of had built DAS times an entire pit tower, I synonymous know that this is not - as of me suspects before! - Some "cheap, no-name" company is. So: Probably build good things!

In general, a monitor is supposed to have a possible magnification. If the worse for it (here the word "fell flat") sounds, which may be a disadvantage: If the mix sounds that good, he sounds great in a good system! :-)

The only thing I have not yet solved synonymous, the "right" Baßlautstärke is determined to ...

VG Klaus

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Well then I would rather look towards s.Deiner place for your mini-BOSE sound system, the more likely a "home theater" comes close.

As written above I would take in the near-field monitors in any other case. While some are synonymous Bose speakers to listen well. But it is about the "authenticity" of the play and not what makes a speaker of it.

Purchase you for it rather differently when active.


Antwort von Maze:

JBL Control Now, you can see in every restaurant and often synonymous s.Schnittplatz

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

These are but I think for mixing of sound is not really applicable. But that is synonymous only my opinion.

I'm going synonymous summer and winter tires and no all-round tires hold only half as long. That comes out the same again. ;-)

Antwort von B.DeKid:


There is nothing better in the Size!

price / performance is the hammer

In my studio, we will work on the editing room with Genelec

The JBL Pro One things are built in the studio as a sound reinforcement speaker synonymous here is the price / performance top

In the bathroom and living room ceilings are Bose speakers

In the great stay at the top section we will install Bell boxes.

To the studio space for bands good monitors and "Crash" (PA) speakers can offer, we will also use Bell Stage setup.

For Bell, we had opted for good Conex.

In the offices here in the house I put on Logitech

In the existing living room I have 2 small Canton in the smoking room which is used as synonymous screening room I have a Quadral Movies Satellite system controlling the adjoining rooms I ttu with a Yamaha RX-V795RDS

Guest bedroom / dining room, kitchen and workroom all Logitech

So all you need (I am) not really ;-)

As a cable for the new barn, I've decided to multicore.


I perso. have all of the no plan and let it all decide my best friend for years in an event greeted the designers and I diligently worked and especially with fair prices equips.

If I can not complain about sound.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

"Blackeagle123" wrote:
Well then I would rather look towards s.Deiner place for your mini-BOSE sound system, the more likely a "home theater" comes close.

Have I been synonymous turn thought, because I several of those synonymous with good Einsatzbedingenen know. But the satellite solutions (sub / micro-speakers) do for the wiring in the inn. Why? Because if I'm late, the others have once again put the red audio connectors into the red RGB socket on the DVD player and wonder about the rattle. At least 5 times already. As must be no further problem an accidental ...
And the other really good bookshelf speaker of Bose are too large.
So continue searching.
Thanks, Walter says

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Bose 301: 450EUR cost point, 25 points sound
Magnat Vintage: a cost of 400EUR, 34 KP
B & W DM 602 S 3 Kosenpunkt 520EUR, 36 KP
Epos ELS 3rd Klein, musically, are often praised
Acoustic Energy Aegis 1 are synonymous sound very powerful

But these are all speakers that can produce affordable area in a super sound and powerful bass and clear treble synonymous when they are turning up the volume.

Studio Monitor right-here are something like
because there are very many listen to different s.besten at Thomann or on site somewhere.

The speakers have all but synonymous around 100 watts. As your amplifier will again be flat. And therefore I repeat again: you purchase speakers for sound (multimedia speaker), perhaps synonymous with whom you can sometimes make home theater, if you do not need, then go into the media market and buy you can find speakers with 40 watts, as You cheap really good. The small compact of Sonyo.ä. sound good so synonymous. But if you want to work in the studio, then buy yourself right studio audiophile speakers.

If you are with the 40 watt speakers are already satisfied synonymous, then you can use the course, synonymous in the studio. But you do not expect too much of it, no powerful bass in large rooms. Otherwise you have to spend money again for a new amplifier. And then I would definitely recommend to powered speakers.


Antwort von srone:

@ Black eagle

the amplification power in watts in relation to the listening volume behaves logarithmically, so if you already have good room volume verbrät your amplifier ca 1w sinus, so it is virtually no preference whether one 40w box s.100w amplifier connects or the other way, one should distortions in the take seriously and a low turn-border area or face actually broken and both in the one as synonymous with the other com (!). whether a booster box is pärchen too weak for a specific or not clear from the efficiency db / w of the box in connection with the total volume to be achieved, not out of the carrying capacity in watt.



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