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Frage von mcnova20:

Hey guys,

I want to get one of these two devices to film it mainly. As we all synonymous, I'm starting small VDSLR area. Since I'm media designer and have been a few years with various Semi-Pro. Devices such HVX200 and am going to SonyZ5 I will trust me now synonymous s.einen times larger sensor. First and foremost, it's me here to beautiful pictures and versatility, handling! Well now I've made my decision to the two categories.
Both the same sensor
Both full HD

for Sony:
folding screen (top)
Super Autofocus

to Canon:
everyone takes the part somehow?

Standard things like 50mm 1.8 and 17-50mm f2.8

So that's a rig I would get later after I've made some movies.
What would you recommend? Sony or Canon?
What do you think? two very good equipment!

Greetings and many thanks

[Edit] achso almost forgot: Timelapse would be super synonymous and synonymous ne Steady I needed!


Antwort von slash-tutti:


if I had not already been utensils from the previous model, Canon,
would take the Sony55:

* Continuous AF
* Stabilizer in the Body
* Integrated GPS receiver
* 15 Meßsonsoren
* Folding Monitor
* 25,600
* Low noise and sharp images
* Stereo sound

I bought the 550D. A super part, but I see the Sony55
according to data sheet on the 1 Course price / performance


Antwort von mcnova20:

Thank you for your quick reply! Would be happy if there were a few Comments to ;-)

how is that with the recording modes and the bit rate? Interlaced or Progressive? Which is better?

I can use with synonymous Lenses of Canon adapter ring and consistent auto focus / AF-speed?


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