Infoseite // sony camcorder with microphone input - CX160 or CX360?

Frage von FelixS:

Hello dear community,

I look for a camcorder with microphone input and am with after some research, Sony landed. The offer in the lower price segment CX160 and CX360, the models. I hesitate at the moment and wonder if the extra 200 ¬ for the CX360 are worth it. Perhaps you can help me with the decision?

Differences (both CX160 vs CX360.)

Zoom: 30x vs. 12x - Why the cheaper model is better?

Focal: 2.1 - 63 vs.. 2.9 to 34.8 - What do these values?

Pixels in the video (16:9): 1.49 million vs. 2.65 million - the difference is clearly visible?

Accessory Shoe: no vs. yes - exactly when I need him?

Otherwise, there are differences as unimportant 16GB more memory, 5.1 Sound and geotagging.

Planned indoor and outdoor shots with an external microphone (tie both micro as synonymous directional microphone).

Are there any camcorder of other manufacturers that are better than these two?

I hope you can help me with the decision. Already, many thanks!


Antwort von Jitter:

Check out a look in the slashcam test overview to the respective predecessor model CX 115 and CX 350th The differences in image should be similar to the current models (low) as the chip data are identical.
The CX 360 uses more pixels for video recording, which theoretically gives more Sharpness, therefore, but the zoom range is smaller than that of synonymous CX 130/160.
The CX 160 but has no headphone jack. If you can do without the, it's m. E. a better choice.


Antwort von FelixS:

Thanks for the reply, jitter!

After the test reports, I would have to take yes for the CX360, CX350 apparently because it has a much better image (if I have correctly interpreted the Beginners).

When the Headphone Jack in practice is used for? To me, just only browsing the records as a possible application to mind ....

What gives me some concern is the non-existing accessory shoe at the CX160. How do I attach for as a corresponding directional microphone s.der Camera - or does it all?
The sound quality is very important to me and I wanted to buy the camera again and again recommended the Sennheiser MKE 400 - will turn the s.die CX160?


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