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Frage von ekwerd:

Hello s.alle,

I am now the proud owner of a SonyDCR TRV 460 of ebay.
What I would like to digitize my old video 8 tapes.
Shooting and transfer of new digital recordings funzt perfect.
But unfortunately remains blue for the old video 8 tapes, the display of the camera.
When speed change faster or slower times I see just a few film strip and that was about nothing.
Camera error? Cleaning tape?
Unfortunately, the old video cam 8 has given up the ghost.

I am grateful for every tip.



Antwort von Bernd E.:

If the TRV460 their own recordings without problems, which may reflect a different camera but just as flawed as described, it sounds to me like a distorted track position in one or both camcorders. Without specialized knowledge and instruments as with standard tools is to make s.Laufwerk little, as has ran a service center. The s.besten but you should give to one of the old tapes as a reference, otherwise it can in the worst case (= both camcorders are misaligned different) happen that the TRV460 for a repair but again "officially" in order, but with you when neither the old Video8 still can view the previously twisted new Digital8 recording more.


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