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Frage von r.napo:

I would like to set a new HD camcorder, I would like about 2 weeks filming on holidays, but since have no way to recharge the batteries, the question arises how are the running times of the batteries or affecting elements of the running time (ect storage medium.) negative


Antwort von Replay:

Currently the longest running time of the SonyCX115. With the standard battery is about 1.5 to two hours.

All that in addition to record energy needs, obviously shortened the running time. This is especially the zoom. Otherwise, the CX115 anything because there is neither a built-in video light or other frills.

I turn once synonymous away from civilization and therefore far from a wall outlet. To move little device with energy to supply the electronic, I diesesPixo-Charger dieses
This solar thing pays off only if you often need something like that, because of one-two weeks is not worth it.

But should be available to move a car, you have a charging option synonymous. The Pixo-thing runs with 12 volts and a car adapter is included.


Antwort von Freddi:

The safest method: 2 - take 3 replacement batteries.

Otherwise, avoid all that power consumption is driving in the Height - as there would be:
- Frequent on-and off ... So films are not "random" a lot of short clips, but think about you before, when you want to film
- Drives and hard disks of any kind ... So a device with built-in memory or removable storage card preferred
- The monitor consumes considerably more power than the viewfinder ... unfortunately only in the higher-priced models available
- Intense heat (direct sun), but synonymous cold (below 5 °) to the Battery make synonymous with "non-use" to create ... if you do not use the camcorder, you can disconnect the battery from the device synonymous

... But as I said, Erstazakkus take up or, alternatively, the Charger times s.einer gas station, in a restaurant or the like.


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