Infoseite // sony vegas 9 and YouTube optimize, how?

Frage von theofreak:

I hope to find help here:)

The following: I want to upload videos to YouTube and would like to create a high quality first as possible with my means.

My agent:
Camera: Panasonic nv-gs37eg (
Programm: SonyVegas Pro 9.0
+ Übertragung über Firewire-Anschluss

Ich lege jetzt mal dar, with welchen Einstellungen and .co ich arbeite and Ihr könnt mir vllt. sagen, was ich verbessern kann:) Egal ob Video - oder Tonquallität, ich bin für alles dankbar.

Camera: few options, but I take the 'Cinema' mode.

Sony Vegas Pro 9.0:
With these settings, I open the new "Project":
zum Bild

Mit diesen Einstellungen lasse ich das Video als MPEG-2 rendern:
zum Bild

Das hier sind die Angaben of YouTube zum optimalen Format:
zum Bild
( mehr Details: )

So, how could I improve Qullität, or are there somewhere apparent mistake?

Additional question: If I open a project with X settings and then import a video that fits the format of the project, then the settings of the video? Because then it would have no preference in what format do I create the project.

As you see, I'm no pro, but I try to learn by now so your help.

Veilleux love you!


Antwort von Marco:

Besides the fact that in the project properties the deinterlacing method is generally not to "No" should be set, the project's properties are largely irrelevant for rendering.

Everything to do with rendering for Youtube with Vegas Movie Studio Pro and can be found on


Antwort von theofreak:

love you:)
Now I have made have made all times with a test video, but the top and bottom black bars on YouTube, does anyone s.welcher point, I will now something wrong?

Camera but not to "Cinema"? : S


Antwort von Marco:

I know the camera, but presumably they will record in this mode, not 16:9, and 4:3 Letterbox. Then it becomes a video on YouTube only without the black bars if you like the video in Vegas Pro left and right according to prune and scaling it up or if you verzerrst geometrich.



Antwort von theofreak:

Since there is no other way? : S
In a pinch I'll have to take with black bars above and below ... is indeed better than the right and left black areas.

Or is there no pruning at this quality first loss?
'S for it is a crop Instructions / tutorial?

Greetings and many thanks again!


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