Infoseite // sound problems with Canon HF200

Frage von Glü:

We have to education, (Recording of speech sequences) bought a Canon HF200. Sorry, but the sound is very quiet. Can someone tell us if the problem lies s.den or determine if an external Micro is absolutely necessary? The camera was just a few meters from the speakers.

Thank you in advance for help!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

The built-in microphone is safe for such a situation is not ideal. If the speaker says something softly, wegdreht of the camera or the room just has a bad acoustics, then "a few meters' distance is already too much. If it is possible for an HF200, you could test times so as to increase the audio levels with manual adjustment (at the risk that, of course synonymous unwanted noise will be amplified).
The ideal solution for your purpose if not quite synonymous cheap, is a microphone and a radio transmission s.Redner for Camera. And as a middle solution directional microphone in / on the camera would be considered. Should not the lecturer big move in space, you could place the external Micro directly on the desk. Then would probably synonymous satisfy a properly relocated cable connection.


Antwort von Glü:

Very Thanks dear for the quick and detailed guidance, with kind regards, Günter


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