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Vertonung eines Filmes???

soundtrack of a movie?

Frage von Movieking:
Dezember 2010

Good day,
I have a question. How is the film set to music? So I click on participating in any sequence with the camcorder, the sound, but if I then want to cut together for a dialogue is, of course, between each screen change a crackling, as it is a dialogue, however, several sound sequences. What can I do about it? I was watching the shooting time, and because many have a scene from various directions, rotated, and the entire text gelabert synonymous (shot / reverse shot). Has the much lighter something to do with the soundtrack-synonymous in the right movie can be heard in a dialogue, that there is a tone sequence, s.Stück recorded. But how does it work? I fit my the sound precisely to the vocal movements. The camera is filming from 2 perspectives, how does it work? With 2 cameras would be the clear with a soundtrack and the two perspectives. Creates an external micro situation? Thanks Dignity grateful for answers.

Antwort von Axel:

1. At the Tonknacksen the Editor: In the video you have an average accuracy of 1/25tel second, the sound is 1000 times more accurate. Each frequency is a wave that every time when it intersects the origin, is synonymous to silent. Reaping you always this zero point, you never hear a crackling.

Antwort von Movieking:

Thank you for your detailed reply I will look around there.

Antwort von domain:

A very general tip, in my view this still, as opposed to a hard film editor interfere with such a sound, almost always. In any NLE, there is the possibility of an audio cross-fades, but sometimes only a workaround. This soundtrack is a hidden exactly in proportion to the other increasing, resulting in a softer sound transfer can be achieved without crackling.
Sometimes a long Tonvorlauf of nights clips into effect in the previous actually pretty good. For example: do you hear the organ music of far been a church and when you're inside, it really strong.

Antwort von Movieking:

I try from time-thanks

Antwort von beiti:

"Movie King" wrote:
in the right movie can be heard in a dialogue, it's a tone sequence, s.Stück recorded. But how does it work?
The deceptive. The cut Picture and Sound cheerfully together. But it is not because the sound is usually re-cut before or after the picture-re-cut, and because the transitions are "cleaned" to be.
Often come later in the mixture then add background noises, which are then s.Stück Date (or at least to be well mixed) and conceal the recuts Dialogton in addition.

Example (typical dialogue scene):
Picture shows A person speaking. Picture-cut to person B, while still alive for the sound of the previous setting. We see the reaction of B to the said person, which does not need to lip-sync. After Person A stops talking, just before Person B begins to speak, is the (inaudible-mixed) sound Recut. Now see and talk we hear person B, and that is again synchronously.
Now hear person B talking. The picture remains, but it is just the sound-Recut the reverse shot. A person we hear talking, but still see Person B. At some point in the middle of the speech of Person A, then follows the Picture synonymous Recut back to person A. And lo and behold: It's lip-sync again. (Etc.)

Basically s.Film sound is tinkering much later.
On DVDs, there are some deleted scenes and outtakes, which are only rough cut and not mixed. This is very revealing.

Creates an external micro situation?
This is anyway required. And not an external micro to the camera, but off-camera (eg s.einer Angel).
Only when the various acoustic recordings under the same conditions arise, they fit later on average, without major rework together. A micro, which is always together with the camera is placed, would get even the sound again and again from a different direction. There must indeed come to the editing jumps.

Antwort von domain:

"Beiti" wrote:

Basically s.Film sound is tinkering much later.

This is a valuable message. Doing synonymous, although it later comes out only income. But one thing's for sure: 90% of people believe that they are invested predominantly visual. But in reality they are extremely influenced by the sound and indeed fully emotionally.
This misconception often leads to a totally unloving treatment of Tonsektion, that focus on image quality and the cut and then drained undedicated In place of some cover music. This is actually the main feature of amateur videos ever.

Antwort von Axel:

Very nice examples of audio production at the time were every week in the online diaries of Peter Jackson's King Kong. Certainly they are synonymous for hours on a special edition DVD, but they are still synonymous online.

Next in the Diaries synonymous two contributions to the mixture.

Antwort von jogol:

"Axel" wrote:
Apparently you can not stretch a 100% lip-synchronous timing without changing the pitch so that it fits exactly. Who knows more ...

Melodyne: http://www.celemony.com/cms/index.php?id=products_editor&L=1

Antwort von domain:

Signed collection of sounds I have probably been hundreds of sounds downloaded from Freesound and sometimes used synonymous.
How sensitive but untrained ears can be synonymous, but I learned recently of my partner. It was here it comes to engine noise while driving. I am yet to find anything really useful, except as completely exited Porsche sport exhaust with sound, the sound itself aggressively in the still-accelerating phase.
The reaction came promptly after inspection: but that sounds like our Boxster not yet and certainly not on the long promenade of Montreux.
You can not fool really just have to tune the sound and appear plausible.
Other hand, I have but can build very many other samples realistic, as cicadas sounds, bees humming, crickets chirping and twittering of birds and many wind-and water sounds, distant barking of dogs, crowds, and synonymous leaves rustling and walking on gravel and so much more.
This free sound library is just worth gold and very often you can give to their own footage that effect that had actually come from the sound in the head and that is not corrupted by a noisy and internal micro bullerndes times anyway.
If that's all right again, then I only go out s.div Music. Bodies failed to. This can of course again bring about a significant increase in emotionality.

Antwort von Axel:

Regarding the Porsches could therefore analogous to> Memory Colors of Memory Sounds speak. Most movie sounds are but caricatures by much. And a long time and several fellow cats, I find it synonymous ridiculous that cats meow movie ever. That being said, I emphasize what you write. The sound is the primer, the mood film for the film, and we know our ears are more demanding. Images are nevertheless important for the video - or should it be.

Antwort von domain:

Yes that's right. I can start on TV herumzappe, then I will stay the first place, actually depends only s.außerordentlichen images. And in most cases turns out to be someone who speaks the language of images really has to offer in all other respects, what synonymous. True, the imagery is synonymous in the movie the primary.

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